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Our Core Activity , Student Recruitment has been our Fortè since 2009. 

We have successfully recruited students from Africa to selected colleges in India.

We have designed and developed various tools to gauge the aptitude of the student before suggesting a university , college or course. We do not believe in mass recruitment without understanding the career needs of the student and the competence of the education facility . 


We regularly review the Faculty and Infrastructure by taking direct online polls from the students. 




ADVERTISING in Africa is not simple. Just making a beautiful pamphlet or promoting a facebook advert does not give the desired results. 

10 years of direct experience has given us insights which allow us to develop tailor made advertising solutions.

Our Magazine CONNECT(study in India) has been instrumental in getting the right visibility for our clients and partners.



Skill Development , Soft skills Training , Business Leadership , Team management and Personality development are some of the trainings that we have conducted for Students , professionals and even middle / higher managements of certain companies. 


We work in partnership with people from different countries to deliver training programs .



Event Management


We regularly hold direct interaction events for promoting colleges as well as other institutes across West Africa. We have an excellent network which allows us to penetrate smaller towns in these countries for interaction , brand promotion and interest generation. 


Our upcoming events are regularly updated on our facebook page.

Market Research and Consulting


We Regularly hold market research surveys for educational as well as non educational companies if the target audience is similar to our base of students.


Our exposure on the ground allows us to give valuable inputs on questions / surveys involving the youth. 

We have worked for companies wanting to promote sports drinks , garments , diapers and health products along with some pharmaceutical companies. 

Brand Building


Just like Advertising , Branding in Africa especially in the education space is vital to continued success. 


We ensure that your brand is represented and promoted in the right way . We regularly gauge the impact of various strategies and continuously  improve on our actions to maintain the required Impact. 


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